ALDP Bylaws




Section 1: The purpose of the Chancellor’s Academic Leadership Development Program (ALDP) Advisory Board is to assist in the planning, delivery, and evaluation of the ALDP, a leadership program initiated and maintained by the Office of the Chancellor in collaboration with the Office of the Provost and the Vice Provost for Faculty Affairs and Development or designated Liaison.

Section 2: The ALDP Advisory Board works with the designated Liaison to the Office of the Provost to conduct the following activities: 

  1. Providing guidance on the scheduling of ALDP events, sessions, and coordinated accompanying activities,

  2. Assisting in the planning of session content, including the scheduling of guest speakers and the preparation of materials as needed, 

  3. Participating in ALDP sessions as needed to encourage discussion, monitor the participation of ALDP cohort members, and ensure the effective delivery of programming, 

  4. Engaging in regular meetings of the ALDP Advisory Board to provide ongoing feedback to improve and provide current programming, 

  5. Supporting the development, distribution, and review of application materials in a timely manner as guided by the Liaison, 

  6. Reviewing and making recommendations for cohort membership under as guided by the Liaison, 

  7. Advocating for and actively integrating representation for and perspectives of diversity, equity, and inclusion in the composition of the ALDP cohorts, the Advisory Board, and the ALDP programming, 

  8. Engaging in evaluation activities, including creating, distributing, and reviewing surveys to ALDP cohorts or other data collection as approved by the Advisory Board and Liaison, and

  9. Other activities as needed to support the successful delivery of ALDP programming. 


Section 1: The ALDP Advisory Board will consist of ten (10) members plus a Liaison appointed by the Office of the Provost.  Members will include a representative combination of faculty and staff representatives, including at least half of whom have completed ALDP programming as a cohort member.  Additional membership may be added on a year to year basis if particular expertise is required by the Advisory Board to successfully deliver specific programming. 

Section 2:  Candidates for membership of the ALDP Advisory Board will be recommended by the current board to the Liaison.  With approval from the Office of the Provost, the Liaison will provide and collect responses to an invitation to candidates. 

Section 3: The term of service of ALDP Advisory Board members is three (3) years, beginning with the spring semester planning meetings.  Any member may be eligible for renewal with approval of the current board and the Liaison, with approval from the Office of the Provost.  


Section 1: The ALDP Advisory Board will meet at least four (4) times each semester to engage in planning, ongoing assessment, and other activities necessary for the successful delivery of programming.  

Section 2: Meetings will be led by the Liaison or a designated Advisory Board member.  

Section 3: Documents for meetings will be maintained in a shared Google Drive or other designated electronic platform.